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Education in Uganda

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Ugandan School System
The Ugandan education system comprises a mixture of public and private schools.

The govermnent offers Universal Primary & Secondary Education to children but there are insufficient places available for everyone, which is where the private sector steps in to supplement the educational needs.

Primary School:

Children are expected to attend 7 years Primary Education (P1 to P7), however some schools offer up to 3 years pre-primary (Bottom, middle and top nursery). Progression from 1 year to the next is results based, depending on exam results.

Seconday School:

A further 4 or 6 years of secondary education is offered with O Level exams (often in 10 - 14 subjects) at the end of Senior 4 and A Level exams (often 4 subjects) at the end of Senior 6.

Tertiary Education:

A number of Government sponsored places are available at various Universities, these are based on A Level results and selection.

Uganda School Calendar - 2012

Primary & Secondary Schools




 No. of Days


Monday 30th Jan

Friday 23rd April



Monday 14th May

Friday 23rd August



Monday 3rd September

Friday 30th November



253 Days

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