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These young people are all part of our Hosanna Youth Project and are housed and educated by Love in Action, sponsorship is $25 per month (or more). Please note: We accept multiple sponsors for these young people up to $75 per month to enable them to live and school from our Youth Project

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321 Elijah Balayira

2017 T-shirt1
School: LIA Christian Secondary School
Class S1
Gender: Male
Age: 18 Years Old

Ambitions: Wants to become a doctor

Other Information: Elijah belongs to a family of 6 children with a single mother following the death of the father last year. He is the eldest son. They comprise of 3 boys and 3 girls. Their ages are as follows. Elijah Balayira 9, Wasswa 6, Nakato Monica 6, Babirye Margaret 3,Nakato Eva3 and Frank Kizza 10 months old. The mother-Specioza Mukalukwiza isnt sure how old she is, but looks to be in her late 50s and says that she married late in life to an old man whom she assumes was in his late 60s. Amazingly, this lady had 3 sets of twins although the first twins died shortly after birth, the other twins are still alive. The mother says- she was quiet nervous that the same could happen to these other twins since she did not know the cause of the death of her first children. Specioza says that soon after the husband's death, the deceased's relatives came and grabbed all her belongings including the animals (cows) they owned. They began to feel insecure and decided to flee for their lives. They currently stay in Kyetume where they don't have any relatives but only friends and well wishers who many times play the relatives' role. Her job is to dig for other people to get food for her children. They sleep on old rugs which are shared amongst the children and the mother as well. The situation here is very sad and alarming and calls for an assistance. Elijah and the twins following him are in primary one. And the rest aren't attending school yet. Aug 2010 Its now time for 2nd term holidays. The kids might not really enjoy it because its very short- 2 weeks only.

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